Mike Amiri has shared a new mini-documentary chronicling the lead-up to the Amiri team's trip to Paris to showcase the brand's Spring/Summer 2020 runway show.

"It was my goal to pull back the curtain and create a new level of transparency rarely seen in the world of luxury brands," Amiri said when previewing the doc on IG. "Let me know what you think."

The doc gives fans an intimate look inside the creative process behind runway show prep, following Amiri and the team through everything from pre-show fittings to backstage vibes on the day of the show at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs.

The behind-the-scenes 14-minute short is directed by Johnny Chang. Catch it in full up top.

As Amiri explained to Forbes last year, an advantage of the brand's place in the industry is its "adjacent" placement to what he considers "much larger" European heritage brands from the luxury sector. Those brands may have larger marketing budgets,he said, but often struggle to make personal connections with their audiences.

"Our personal connection to the consumer has been authentic and continues to grow organically every season, allowing us to create a culture rather than simply a customer base," Amiri said.