Famed jeweler Ben Baller rarely does custom pieces anymore. But when he does, he goes all out. 

On Tuesday night, Ben hit up Instagram to show off an insane pendant he designed specifically for Tyler, the Creator. The piece was made to resemble the entertainer's alter-ego IGOR, which was also the name of Tyler's Grammy-nominated 2019 studio album. And, to no one's surprise, Ben nailed it.

"This is my last piece of 2019. My last piece of this decade. So I knew I had to fucking crush it," the jeweler captioned a series of photos and a video. "I’m not even gonna get into specifics. Just know it’s heavy as fuck. Made out of 18K gold and has a lot of cognac, chocolate, blue, black and white diamonds."

As you can see below, the diamond-encrusted pendant features IGOR's signature blond wig and large sunglasses. Ben points out that the brown diamonds were placed to give a gradient effect "to match Tyler’s skin tone ... especially when different shades of light hit it."

So, how much does a piece like this cost? According to TMZ, $275,000.

"Thank you Tyler for always trusting me. Even though I hate your guts in person, but I also LOVE YOU!" Ben wrote. "I have seen you grow into something insane. Congrats on all your success. You deserve it 100%."

You can check out photos of the IGOR pendant as well as a video of Tyler rocking the piece below.

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