Manchester's ever-evolving, energised creative scene welcomes a new rising star in FANTOME WORLD. 

Denial of England's rainy city's talent has reached the peak of impossibility, as Manchester continues to demonstrate the strength of its youth scene with fast-rising talents across all creative industries. With a bubbling hotpot of streetwear that refuses to go unheard, it is no surprise that another contender has begun to rise the ranks and cement themselves as one to watch. Next up is FANTOME WORLD, a physical showcase of musical and cultural influence, offered through a series of bold graphic tees. For their latest t-shirt drop, FANTOME channels some serious early 2000's vibes with the rhinestone "WATERWORLD" and "SEA DRAGON" tees, in white and black respectively, offering a limited lineup that looks to keep the brand name of the lips of the city. 

Immerse yourself in FANTOME WORLD below, and head over to their online store to shop their latest product offering now. 

All Images via FANTOME WORLD






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