Profound steps into introspection as they explore their namesake with the presentation of their SS20 "So Far, So Good" Collection.

For the development of their Spring/Summer 2020 apparel collection, Profound established a narrative thread that sees them attempt to communicate the clash of the current generations social expectations and its acceptable expression of vulnerability. Expressed through a singular character that adopts the familiar role of a first-generation American from an immigrant family, the collection follows a journey through self-identity and spirituality, creating apparel pieces purposed as external reflections of internal emotions. 

An aura of self-expression is certainly a core driving force within the overall direction of each of the collection's deliveries - characterised as Chapters - with a specific focus on fabrication, dye treatments, the usage of graphic prints, utilitarian finishes, and a well thought out colour palette. Chapter 1 shines the spotlight on the brand's proficiency with denim, with a series of utility-detailed jackets and jeans two pieces with a range of distressed washes for added layers of depth. There is an emphasis on full looks throughout, with tech-style cargo outerwear matched with full-length pants and shorts, with prints handled in paisley, camouflage, and tie-dye. Artistic flair lends itself to a range of graphics across t-shirt offerings, ranging from flames to typography, and distortion. 

Chapter 2 steps further into the otherworldly through the adoptions of a more saturated colour palette and more extreme washes. Where hooded sweats with graphic prints receive heavy vintage washes, t-shirts are handled in an array of brightly coloured tie-dyes. Arguably, Chapter 2 houses the collections biggest standouts with two-piece denim set with an intense tie-dye effect, alongside a relaxed anorak and denim jean set with a space-age purple colour dye treatment. The final apparel delivery - Chapter 3 - rounds things off with a range of pattern-heavy shirting options, alongside image-blocked hooded sweatshirts, a patterned hoodie and short set, and extends the distinct outerwear component even further. 

While Profound's Spring/Summer 2020 Collection is statement-heavy, wardrobe essentials in the form of basic tees and stripped back jeans balance the palette. Scroll down to take a closer look at some of the biggest standouts from the Profound SS20 lookbook, and stay up to date with upcoming releases via the brand's Instagram.  

All Images via Profound