Rhuigi Villaseñor has been talking to himself a lot lately at random points in the day. Pumping himself up. Speaking to God. Making himself believe that he can do this. 

“This” is putting on a show at Paris Men’s Fashion Week. If you’ve never done it before, it looks easy and high-key glamorous. All we see is a beautiful venue, well-known people sitting front row, and a seven-to-10-minute show with music and fashion and perfectly calibrated lighting. But that 10 minutes is the culmination of months of preparation and hard work. And for Rhuigi, who started Rhude in 2014, years of shaping a brand, refining his vision for it, and turning it into a legitimate collection that’s worthy of Paris Fashion Week.

“I've come along way. I came from making T-shirts and hoodies to now presenting in Paris,” says Rhuigi a couple of days before his show. “I thought it would feel a lot different back from when I was younger. But being here now, it's really just work. It's hard work. There’s nothing more rewarding than a hardworking team.”