Offering an insight into the cultural diversity of cities - namely the influence of London - is the signature knitwear of ANZ. 

Quickly making waves on the international stage and spotted on big names like Nas, French Montana, Giggs, Lewis Hamilton, and Anthony Joshua is ANZ. Standing as a relatively new apparel line within the industry in its 5th year since conception, the brand has been nurtured and developed as the brainchild of CSM alumni Ainy Naim as she looks at the multiculturalism that surrounds her in her hometown of London. It is this multicultural perception of the world that is interwoven into the Keffiyah-print and farwa-inspired cardigans, each of which is far from afraid to be bold. 

Bold alone may be an understatement as new product lines within the latest collection from ANZ goes all the way outspoken with new slogan styles like ‘Ethnically Made’, ‘Product of an Immigrant’ and ‘I just look illegal’ emblazoned across bright tie-dye hoodies and jackets. References to multiculturalism and the cities diversity are referenced throughout the collection, from the colour palette, print, and detailing. 

Take a look at the iconic knitwear offering available from ANZ below, and head over to their online store now to shop the collection. 

All Images via ANZ








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