With luggage rules constantly changing, VOCIER cuts the hassle in half with their stylish new Avant configurable luggage system.

The holiday season is almost upon us and for many, the ever-changing luggage rules at many airlines can make packaging your best outfits and supplies a difficult task. Cutting through the noise and attempting to make packaging a far easier task is VOCIER's new Avant system that uses the brand's Interlink technology to ensure you get the most out of your luggage. 

At the core of the product is a four-wheel carry-on suitcase that is built to maximise your carrying capabilities without overcompensating on size. These systems allow for the addition of a briefcase, hold-all, or handbag onto the centrepiece for complete ease of access, storage, and usage. Additional add-ons include a passport holder and airport approved kits for all of your liquids. 

While function informs the overall design of the Avant, there is no sacrifice on style as each piece features a minimalist design approach. Take a closer look at the Avant below, and head over to VOCIER's site for more information on the full product delivery. 

All Images via VOCIER