The Kardashian/Jenners are no strangers to appropriation accusations. The world's most famous family has been at the epicenter of fashion and pop culture for years, and their heightened visibility has prompted many critics to point out when they're drawing inspiration from other celebrities, or when they're lifting elements from other cultures and branding them as their own. 

For months, people have called out the Kardashian/Jenners for copying outfits worn by iconic supermodel Naomi Campbell. Kim and Kylie in particular have worn ensembles that Campbell originally debuted on the runway from acclaimed designers such as Versace, Azzedine Alaïa, and Rifat Ozbek. This would normally be classified as a simply eye-roll if Campbell hadn't seemingly responded to the recreation attempts via social media to inform her followers that she wore it first. 


You don’t understand...this is an Alaia

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#tbt @azzedinealaiaofficial 🖤🖤🖤

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The subtle shade prompted the rumor mill to circulate reports of a beef between the Kardashians and Campbell. However, during a recent interview with PeopleKim explained that she and the supermodel "laugh" over the fashion feud rumors. 

"It’s funny because people were writing about it like it was some scandalous thing," Kardashian West said. "Her and I have talked about it and laughed that it has become such a big deal, because I’ve always been so upfront with her privately about how she is my forever fashion and glam muse. She is literally one of the most beautiful, iconic people that inspires me fashion- and beauty-wise."

Most recently, the 38-year-old beauty mogul wore a Versace dress to Chance the Rapper's wedding, and crimped her hair just as Campbell did when premiering the look on the runway in 1996. Fashion watchdog Diet Prada called Kim out for seemingly copying Campbell's entire ensemble, referring to the Fashion Nova scandal prompted by their knockoff version of a vintage Mugler dress Kim famously strutted

However, in Kim's defense, when posting a photo of herself in the Versace silk dress, she captioned the image "Naomi Forever" and even tagged the supermodel as an indication that she was paying homage rather than ripping off the look. 


Naomi Forever 💛💫

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Regardless of the critics, it seems as though Kim and Naomi's fashion feud rumors may have just been a creation of the internet.