Philipp Plein, the one-trick-pony who masks his lack of creativity by throwing lavish fashion week parties, has taken to Instagram to fat-shame a journalist who criticized his collection. 

On Tuesday, fashion writer and Plein critic Alexandra Modalek shared screenshots of the designer's Instagram story, in which he insults her body and claims her distaste for his collection stems from the insufficient amount of food served during the seated dinner. 

Plein's NYFW event had been entangled in a public relations discord following their announcement that Kanye West would be performing at the already star-studded occasion. When it became clear that the individual negotiating Kanye's performance had scammed the Plein team, the brand issued a statement addressing the collective misstep. 

Despite the West fiasco, Modalek attended the scheduled fashion week show, however, during the seated dinner portion of the $1 million event, the fashion editor pointed out the placement shortage. "Thrilled to be standing at a seated dinner," she wrote. "Plein shit show once again." Following the show's conclusion, Mondalek wrote a lengthy review for Fashionista in which she called attention the blatant lack of organization displayed by the show's organizers. 

However, instead of recognizing that it's fashion critics' job to criticize fashion, Plein promptly turned to social media to shame Mondalek's physique in a series of posts. "Next time I make sure [sic] that you will get enough food! I promise ..." the designer wrote alongside a photo of Mondalek. As if he didn't get his message across, Plein then posted a photo of Amanda Bynes with the caption, "Nex [sic] time you want a free meal babe show up on time..."

This isn't the first time the lackluster designer has been embroiled in a controversy. During the brand's Black Friday sale, the group came under fire when they released promotional images of an injured woman, who was the victim of an armed attack carried out by a masked man, wih the text “Price Killer” and “Time to kill some prices" alongside her. Although the brand withdrew the campaign following widespread backlash, Plein clearly hasn't learned from his unapologetic displays of misogyny.