When it comes to fashion, hip-hop has always made its own lane, with each decade being marked by an iconic and distinctive style. From B-boys in tracksuits and shell toes in the ’70s, heavy gold chains and high tops in the ’80s, to baggy jeans coupled with classic Lugz boots in the ’90s, fashion—footwear, in particular—has served as a key element in the identity of the culture and those who live and breathe it.

While today’s trends are marked by rock star aesthetics and designer footwear, Lugz has remained timeless and forever rooted in street culture. In celebration of their 25th anniversary, the brand continues to cement its place as an icon in footwear with the second release of one of their classic silhouettes, the Dot Com 2.0. Originally hitting the retail market in 2000, the unisex sneaker-boot hybrid was chunky long before the current chunky shoe wave. Just like the original, the 2.0 isn’t about chasing trends but all about maintaining authenticity. Ultimately, that’s what sets Lugz apart from the rest. The brand isn’t just designed with hip-hop and street style in mind, it’s rooted in the culture and has been from the very beginning.