Three digital creatives from London have put their stamp on Nike with digital artwork that celebrates the release of the Swoosh's Fall '18 Tech Pack collection. 

Designed for city life, the new Tech Pack boasts lightweight versatility, with packable elements, streamlined design, and a core principle of comfortable fabrication. Each artist has looked to the 'tech' theme of the collection's campaign and delivered individual perspectives of Nike's latest apparel innovations. 

The team's lineup includes Cat Taylor, a virtual garment designer that creates 3D rendered clothing that showcases motion and texture translated onto unseen bodies. 

Tyler Wei Prior explores the relationship between imagery and the codes that construct them through the deconstruction of visuals into data. His process sees visuals opened as sound files, edited, and converted back into visuals to create distorted beauty. Rounding off the team is Harry Butt, an animator, and art director that uses algorithmic design software to distort and refract imagery into geometric patterns.

Catch the Tech Collective concept film up top and follow the embedded links for more from each artist. The Nike Tech Pack Fall '18 collection is available now via Nike.

All Images via Nike