Pierce Simpson swung by the Puma activation, during day two of ComplexCon, to catch up with both photographer Gunner Stahl, Jay Z's long-time friend and head of design at Roc Nation, Emory Jones, plus one of the winners of a special contest Puma put together for ComplexCon this year. Think of it like a professional-résumé review session specifically tailored to creatives, with the added bonus of meeting Puma brand ambassadors in your specific field—like Gunner Stahl for photography—and gaining the exposure and potential opportunity to work with the sportswear brand in the future. As Emory Jones put it to Complex's Pierce Simpson, "To see somebody be blessed, I get blessed." And Anthony Trevino, the photography winner for Puma's unique event this year, definitely felt blessed, now gaining the chance to work with Gunner Stahl and showcase his work through Puma's massive platform. 

To get the full take on Puma's activation and contest at ComplexCon 2017—and hear Pierce's conversations with Emory Jones, Gunner Stahl, and contest winner Anthony Trevino—check out the Complex News feature above. You'll also catch Jones' hints about a new Puma project he might have in the works.