Apple has recently introduced new iOS updates to the emoji keyboard on mobile phones and computers, and it has a lot of people upset. But the reason for the outrage may come as a bit of a shock. The new update has transformed the peach emoji to a circular shape, which no longer resembles a plump butt. 

Instead of the voluptuous heart shape, the favorite animation now looks like a regularly shaped fruit. Naturally, butt enthusiasts took to Twitter to express their devastation at the dramatic change. "The emoji peach changing to resemble an actual peach is just devastating," one person tweeted. "Omg no! They are killing the butt shaped peach emoji. How are we going to text about booties," another fan chimed in. 

Fans may be forced to replace the peach with an apple emoji when referencing their butts from now on, but it probably won't create the same effect. But it's not all bad news. The new updates also include a face palm emoji, a disembodied arm taking a selfie, a thumbs down, and new career animations including an astronaut and a rock star. Fans can also find a gorilla emoji. So the peach butt may be dead, but at least Harambe can still live on through phones and computers everywhere.