The word ‘Paccbet’ has been a key part of Gosha Rubchinskiy’s work since the start. Over the last couple of seasons, the slogan has been embroidered onto sweatbands and sweatshirts, appeared on tees and, this season, made it’s way onto the latest installment of his collaboration with Reebok. It makes sense as well. Paccbet is the Russian word for sunrise or dawn, and has come to be a metaphor for change and the promise of better days. Gosha’s work has always focused on what it means to be young and Russian in the post-Soviet world, and his use of the word Paccbet is the embodiment of youthful optimism and the next generation.

Now, though, Paccbet is becoming a fully-fledged label, set up by Gosha and his long time collaborator and friend, Tolia Titaev. The two have been friends for nearly 10 years, with Titaev modelling in some of Gosha's shows, and they've been planning their own skate brand for a couple of years. Now, finally, they're about to drop what they've been working on since then. The name Paccbet is fitting for their new collection as well. Gosha has become the most famous name connected to this new generation of Russian skaters, of which Titaev is a part, and the name reflects this emerging group.