Band of Outsiders—everyone's favorite artsy prep brand to talk about, but not necessarily buy—is officially making the comeback it promised it would make when scooped up by Belgian holding company CLCC SA last year. WWD reported the brand will show both men's and women's lines at the upcoming New York Fashion Week and will hit its target retail relaunch of spring 2017. 

That's the good news. The bad news is that Scott Sternberg, who left the brand he launched and operated for over a decade, will not be returning with BoO. Instead, as reported last year, CLCC SA has installed a team of designers, merchandisers, and graphic designers to carry the torch in his stead. Many BoO veterans were reportedly invited to be part of the relaunch but declined—a gesture that doesn't get our hopes sky-high for this new iteration of the brand. 

The new BoO is set to make "contemporary apparel and accessories, which will be targeted to high-end retailers such as Barneys New York," according to WWD. We will see what this new Frankenstein version of BoO has in store when it presents its spring 2017 collection Sept. 10 at New York's Skylight Clarkson Square.

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