The Band of Outsiders saga continues yet again. After abruptly closing this summer, being auctioned off to Belgian fashion fund CLCC a few months later and selling off leftover stock through Filene's Basement on Black Friday, we have more Band of Outsiders news. This time it's a story of revival. According to WWD, the prep brand is coming back for spring 2017. 

CLCC recruited a bunch of designers to assist in the relaunch and the first collection under the new team will show to buyers in September 2016. CLCC reportedly presented the opportunity to join the relaunch to veterans of the BoO design team but most of them declined and, most importantly, founder Scott Sternberg will not be involved either. The brand will produce both men's and women's clothing and attempt to get back into the big name stores that it was a part of previously including the likes of Barneys and Opening Ceremony.

It seems that the efforts to sell off the intellectual property of the brand didn't pan out, so CLCC is giving the resurrection a shot. Without Sternberg involved though, who knows how many of the BoO devotees will follow the brand. The new design team could breathe some life into the brand or this could really just crash and burn. We'll have to wait till September to find out. 

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