Band of Outsiders is getting a second chance. According to WWD, Luxembourg holding company CLCC SA, which acquired the brand in July, has put together a collective of designers, merchandisers, graphic designers and support staff to revive the edgy prep label. 

The future looked bleak for Band of Outsiders after it suffered a massive $2 million debt and failed to auction off its assets earlier this year. But, now its new owners are already planning to have a collection for Spring 2017. CLCC is reportedly working to get the once coveted brand back in retailers such as Barneys, Opening Ceremony and Colette. There is also talk of opening a retail space in Los Angeles.

Founder of the brand Scott Sternberg, who announced his departure in June, will not be returning. A source says that several of his former designers also declined to join the team under the new management. 


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