Jeremy Lin, simply put, is an artist and his canvas is the peak of his head. “I’ve been wanting to do this, and a bunch of different hairstyles for a long time,” Lin said about his new braids in a video posted by his new team the Brooklyn Nets Wednesday.

“I started it in Charlotte,” Lin adds calling back to the carefully mounted spikes that were either gelled one by one using L.A. Looks’ strongest solution or were held up by the energy that dominates the Dragon Ball Z universe. From there, Lin seemed to only get more experimental with his hair, and the man bun he eventually wore is proof he was destined for Brooklyn this entire time. But there’s not a straight line between Lin Williamsburg-ing himself and eventually bringing imminent glory to the borough with his braids. Lin said Wednesdau that he and a group of friends have been coordinating and trying out the same hairstyles. But this isn't new, Lin has been talking about this group since 2015—which is, probably not so coincidentally, when the then-Hornet really started trying different styles

We take a look at the many hairy adventures of Lin. 

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