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It's been a wild ride for those following the Jeremy Lin hairstyle wave. What began as elementary school student-esque bowl cut, transformed into a Super Sayian high top later on during Lin's inaugural season with the Charlotte Hornets. In what is surely just the latest chapter of Lin's hair evolution, last night's game against the Miami Heat saw the Hornets point guard sporting a man bun that one Twitter user described as "samurai sushi chef." 


Jeremy Lin has officially gone full samurai sushi chef.

— Patrick Necessary (@PhattyPhat2) December 10, 2015


That description aside, many had a hard time even defining what exactly was adorning his dome: 


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Jeremy Lin has changed his hair from the mohawk to whatever this is.

— NBA on ESPN (@ESPNNBA) December 10, 2015

So... Did Jeremy Lin run out of hair gel? More aerodynamic? It's not quite a man bun I don't know what to call this

— Madelyn Burke (@MadelynBurke) December 10, 2015


By the time viewers added Lin's new look as the latest entry in a rapidly expanding archive of unfortunate man buns, the slander was too strong to stop. Naturally, the rest of social media wasn't going to let Lin off easy. 



— Nicole Santos (@nicoladaaaa) December 10, 2015

My man Jeremy Lin a top nominee for "Worst man bun of all time"

— Matley (@MatleyHurd) December 10, 2015

This nigga Jeremy Lin rocking a man bun/rat tail hybrid I’m dead

— romebe (@romebe) December 10, 2015

Jeremy Lin rocking the Man bun of Shame. @gianna_franco @OakLanes @DamonBruce @AJDatanagan

— Tommy Call III (@UKnowTc18) December 10, 2015


Bar none, the most foul (or apt, depending on your opinions about '90s sitcoms), were comparisons between Lin and Brad Taylor from Home Improvement.


I see you Jeremy Lin with the solid Home Improvement Brad Taylor hair style

— Jake McQuaide (@JakeMcQuaide) December 10, 2015

Jeremy Lin's new hair cut looking like when Home Improvement turned sad.

— Luke Bonner (@LukeyBonner) December 10, 2015


We're happy that Lin is willing to let his hair evolve with his career, but we think the man bun market is a little too saturated. Applause for trying new things, Jeremy, but even the "Goku cut" was better than this monstrosity.


Jeremy Lin's hair is evolving

— Basketball Forever (@Bballforeverfb) December 10, 2015