Pokémon GO, the new Pokémon game that uses virtual reality and your smartphone to let you catch 'em all in the real world, isn't just a sensation for gamers. Menswear nerds are also in for a treat before they even catch their first pocket monster. Twitter and Reddit users are getting stuck on the character selection scene—users are able to choose from a wide variety of headwear, tops, bottoms, and sneakers—where the pressure to put together some fire is high. 

Reddit users have taken a more analytical approach to the wardrobe offered on the app and are matching the looks up with popular brands and designers. Some of the brands thrown out on the thread include Y-3, Acronym, and Adidas. All good comps for the main character's sport-meet-tech wardrobe. 

Others have been more general with their praise. "Why the pokèmon go male protagonist lookin like a techwear model?" the post's title reads. "When I got to the character screen I yelled "YO the tech wear god,'" another user writes. Others are already pulling for the app to introduce clothing from actual streetwear brands into the game. "I'd def like to see them step their game up and just put in some actual CDG x Supreme shit," Knucklephuck wrote. 

If Kim Kardashian can make millions of dollars off of introducing designers into her app, why not Pokémon GO?

And Reddit isn't the only place where players are concerned with their virtual outfits. People have rushed to Four Pins to share their thoughts on the game's heat, or in rare occasions, lack thereof. 

The game is available to download on iOS and Android now. Good luck getting past the "Please choose your style" screen.