Supreme has enlisted none other than fresh-out-the-feds and possible clone Gucci Mane to star in its latest ads. The streetwear brand's past campaigns have featured a legendary roster of celebrities, including Kate Moss, Morrissey, and even out-of-the-box decisions like Kermit the Frog


Gucci Mane, dressed in a classic Supreme box logo tee, gives us more than just posters, though. The rapper stars in a short film directed by Harmony Korine and has some very relatable lines. "I shop on the internet, I don’t go into the store," he said in the video posted to Supreme's website. "You mother fuckers think I go to the store? I hit that button." 

Gucci and Korine also have a history, as the rapper played a small part in the Korine-directed Spring Breakers. Watch the whole ad below, which also features footage of Gucci in the studio hopefully working on his upcoming album Everybody Looking.