Some of the best athletes in the entire world are on display, pouring their heart and soul on the floor to prove that they are indeed the most dominant team in the National Basketball Association. But that shit doesn’t matter because we are a fickle, materialistic audience who only cares which players swag out the most, right?

NBA style has evolved so much over the years, often becoming a main focus of the game. The pre- and post-game outfits are constantly documented, leaving us to judge our favorite players’ (and their stylists’) wardrobe choices on any given night, from Game 1 of the season to (if they’re lucky enough) Game 7 of the NBA Finals. While the Golden State Warriors continue to beat the breaks off of the Cleveland Cavaliers with a 2-0 lead in the 2016 NBA Finals, we can’t help but wonder what the outcome may be if the winning team were chosen by their starting five’s respective style.