On Tuesday, Roy Hibbert and David Lee nearly started an all-out brawl between players on the Golden State Warriors and Indiana Pacers. One of the guys involved, Klay Thompson received a hefty $35,000 fine for his involvement in the scuffle, but that wasn't his only punishment. Klay's father, former NBA player Mychal Thompson, saw his son in the thick of things with George Hill and told ESPN 710 LA’s LA Now that he "recorded the incident to show his wife Julie who was out at the Cheesecake Factory buying Mychal Thompson some salmon for dinner. When she got home he said, "sit down & watch your dumb son." 

After seeing what Klay did, Mychal and Julie decided to teach their son a lesson of his own. You see, Thompson's parents handle the 23-year-old's finances and in an effort to make him pay for his decision, they are going to come up a bit short on his cash envelope. How crazy is that? And by "that," we mean everything from the allowance bit to the Warriors' forward/guard getting a smaller chunk of change after he was already hit with a five-figure fine from league.

Maybe he could just face the wall for like 15 minutes and they'd call it even.  

[via Believe the Hype]