The Oklahoma City Thunder were supposed to win the Western Conference Finals. Only nine teams in the NBA's history have come back from 3-1 down to win a playoff series. Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant were playing well. Steven Adams was a beast in the post. OKC completely obliterated the reigning champions, the Golden State Warriors, in Game 3 (133-105) and in Game 4 (118-94). But, last night the Warriors beat the Thunder, and advanced to the Finals. 

Still, that goes without saying that the Thunder/Warriors series was one of the best this playoff season. And, Westbrook certainly had everyone's attention. But it wasn't just his play on the court that had people talking. Over the course of seven games, The Brodie arrived each night in his flashiest, most outrageous, most Westbrook fit. One game it was a ripped shirt underneath a leather jacket. Before another game it was pinstriped overalls. There were too many memorable looks—good or bad—not to take a deeper look. Which pre-game outfit afforded the best playoff game performance? Let's examine.