Kim Kardashian recently sat down for an interview with Recode Decode to talk about her entrepreneurship in tech. The reality star, who attributes her career to social media, discussed her multi-million dollar Kimoji app and her viral nude selfies.

Kardashian announced on the podcast that in two weeks her app will be have a new e-commerce component that features merchandise based on the Kimojis.

Kardashian also said that her highly successful app, which has been shared hundreds of millions of times, has had some help from husband Kanye West. He's reportedly behind some of the characters like the workout ball and squatting Kardashian. 

She also took a moment to defend her nude selfies, which recently garnered some backlash from celebrities like Bette Midler and Chloë Grace Moretz. Kardashian said she "truly was baffled" that people still cared about the nude throwback picture she posted. "They've seen me naked 500 times."

“My personality has never been, ‘I’m such a feminist and follow me and be naked!..’ If you are conservative and that’s how you are comfortable, more power to you. I respect you. You don’t have to look at what I do," she said. "I'll post what I am comfortable with, some days I am more confident, some days I am not."

Kardashian recently teased another nude shoot on Instagram as part of a "secret project" she is working on. Even though she isn't afraid to bare it all in front of the camera, she said that she keeps some things more private after having kids.

“Pre-marriage, pre-babies, the answer would have been everything was shareable. After, I would say I keep a good 30 percent to myself”

You can listen to the entire interview here