Kim Kardashian's App Store-crashing emoji app, aptly named KIMOJI, just scored a major expansion pack. Wednesday saw the addition of a jovial Kanye West, a perplexed North West, a classic Kylie Jenner cryface, and much (so much) more:

Kanye Laughing Kimoji

North Kimoji

Kylie Kimoji

'Kim The OG' Kimoji

If the expansion pack's early adopters are any indication, KIMOJI could very well shut down the App Store and/or make a million a minute yet again:

To access the latest batch of Kardashian-inspired emoji, users can simply open the app and purchase (for the hella reasonable price of 99 cents) the expansion pack. Then what? Well, then you can finally communicate with the rest of your team without finding yourself at a loss for words emoji:

Kanye Kimoji

To complete your collection of wordless forms of communication, you can also peep the complementary forces of MuvaMoji and ChyMoji. Amber Rose, who squashed any and all Kardashian beef on the 'gram back in February, launched MuvaMoji in March to the tune of millions of emoji-backed bucks. Blac Chyna, currently expecting her first child with Rob Kardashian, launched ChyMoji earlier this month.