Alexander Wang has become the first fashion designer to curate for Apple Music. Wang's playlists, titled "Chill," "Hype," and "Vibe," (more on those in a bit) will help launch Apple Music's fashion channel. The playlists are described as having "dark, sexy vibes and turn-up anthems."

Wang told Vogue that "Chill," with artists including Drake and Rihanna, is for when the designer needs to "decompress" or decides to stay in for the night. "The Weeknd is the perfect remedy for a long day," Wang added on Apple Music.


Exhaustingly good. Introducing Alexander Wang on #AppleMusicFashion @applemusic #AWDebut

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"'Vibe' is more a playlist that's in between, with songs that have high energy and also are great classics. It's good for having people over, drinks; it's kind of pregame music," Wang told Vogue. Vibe features music from Kendrick Lamar and A$AP Rocky.

Last but not least when things get lit there's "Hype." Wang told Vogue: "...those songs are mostly derived from playlists that I've played in a party bus or en route to a festival or going out. They are songs that kick up the energy."

Hip-hop, which Wang said is one of the music movements he most feels "connected" to in fashion, has been an influence way before he entered the fashion industry.

"Throughout the '90s when I was in school, growing up in the Bay Area, hip-hop was a big influence for me," Wang told Vogue while listing artists such as Whitney Houston and Faith Evans to Q-Tip and 112 who "defined his youth." 

The designer even recalled that youth and his mall-going days in a fun story:

"I would go to the mall in the Timbs and cargo jeans—that definitely stemmed from all the hip-hop music I was listening to. I was always a big fan of Trina, so her whole Diamond Princess album was on constant repeat. I just remember me and my friends, driving my Volkswagen Beetle, blasting Trina through Presidio Heights, Nob Hill, or these really bougie areas in San Francisco. It was really quite hilarious."

Wang's three playlists will keep changing year round, so stay tuned to see what the designer turning up or turning down to.