Forbes is back with its annual study of the world's most valuable brands. Each year, it ranks the top 100 companies across the retail, automotive, media, and luxury industries. While the top spots are dominated by tech companies like Apple and Microsoft, plenty of clothing brands and retailers found a spot on the list.

"The most valuable brands are ones that generate significant earnings in industries where branding plays a major role," according to Forbes, so it's not surprising that brands with well-known logos continue to dominate the categories. 

Nike, which has been valued as the most valuable brand by other outlets, came in at 18. The sportswear company overtook Louis Vuitton, which was ranked several spots ahead of Nike at 14 in 2015. Nike's $27.5 billion valuation, which was determined from its revenue before interest and taxes, was enough to maintain the same ranking that it earned in 2015 and make it the highest-ranking clothing brand. Adidas on the other hand, dropped several spots to 90, after coming in at 83 last year. 

Despite Zara's founder Amancio Ortega being the richest billionaire in fashion, the mass retailer didn't rank nearly as high. Zara was ranked 53, while H&M was much higher on the list at 33. 

In the realm of  luxury, Louis Vuitton dropped on the list to number 19, after coming in at number 14 last year, but still dominated the division. Once again, the company beat out Gucci (44), Hermés (48), Cartier (58) and Chanel (80).

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