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Anna Wintour has apologized for the way she described the Yeezy Season 3 show.

After her appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers this week, the Vogue editor in chief faced a good amount of criticism for referring to the event as “migrant chic.” As expected, people quickly took to social media to call Wintour out for her poor choice of words.

Wintour has since released a statement on the matter, as reported by The Guardian: “I apologise if my remark was offensive in any way. The migrant crisis is real, and I didn’t intend to trivialise that issue.”

The controversy follows a similar incident that took place in October of 2015, when a Hungarian fashion photographer released a photo series titled "Der Migrant.” The project, just like Wintour’s “migrant chic” description, was blasted for glamorizing the tragic situations of migrants.