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Last night, Anna Wintour stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers to promote the Met Gala documentary premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival this week.

This time around the Vogue editor didn't make Meyers cry, but she did share a pretty funny story that had her in tears at Kanye West's recent fashion show at Madison Square Garden.

Wintour shares that it all started when she arrived 30 minutes early to the presentation and had to sit in the VIP section all alone, while everyone waited for the Kardashians and Jay Z to arrive. Eventually Kanye started the "migrant chic" fashion show and playing The Life of Pablo, which she says were both "wonderful." After about 45 minutes Wintour noticed that Jay Z had left, so she tried to make her exit as well. But, as Wintour explains, instead of making it outside she found herself wandering the halls of the MSG basement.

"I was lost there for half an hour, asking various people to let me out. I don't know if you've ever been in the basement of Madison Square Garden...I was really in tears," she said.

Fortunately, a security guard, who coincidentally was once the coach of her sons baseball team, came to her rescue. 

Wintour also offers some more details about the documentary The First Monday in May, which followed her and her crew while they planned the Met Gala. As she explains to Meyers, there's a lot of work that goes into things like the seating chart and managing the receiving line at the star-studded event.

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