2 Chainz has seen a lot of ridiculously pricey stuff as part of GQ's Most Expensive Shit series, but even he has to bow down to one of the ritziest items he's seen, a pair of diamond-encrusted $2 million shoes. "I thought I had some pretty wild thoughts," 2 Chainz says about the footwear, "but apparently Nick Cannon [who wore the shoes on the red carpet] is a much better rapper than I am." 

The shoes, made by Jason of Beverly Hills, are built on a platform from Tom Ford's smoking slippers and are kept in a security box at all times. Each individual shoe is covered in 9,000 stones, which amounts to 340 carats, and the jeweler and rapper both agree they can be worn with anything. "Nobody can say shit about you because you have on $2 million shoes," 2 Chainz explains. The shoes are set to go on display at museums around the world until they are auctioned off for charity a year from now. 

The rapper has previously bore witness to a pair of Air Jordans and a Panama hat each worth $25,000 as well as the ludicrously expensive Jewel Penthouse suite at the New York Palace Hotel

Watch the hilarious video of 2 Chainz checking out the $2 million shoes below.