UPDATE (3/30/16): Following a sneak peak at its new collaboration with KAWS yesterday, Japanese brand Uniqlo has come through with a full look at the graphic-heavy collection.

As you can see below, the UT KAWS range is comprised of 18 T-shirt and four tote bag designs, which all feature signature KAWS illustrations by artist Brian Donnelly. There’s the “xx” motif, the hearts with eyes, the clouds, and, of course, the Companion character.

The collection will drop April 22. Tees will retail for $20, while the small totes will start around $15. 

See original story from 3/29/16 below.

We spoke to Nigo last month about Uniqlo UT's upcoming collaboration with KAWS after he shared the logo on Instagram, asking him to detail their creative process and how he feels about the democratization of special collabs through programs such as the one he heads. As the creative director of the UT program, Nigo has put together T-shirt capsule collections featuring prominent pop culture figures, both fictional and real, ranging from Mickey Mouse to the Wu-Tang Clan. The latest UT collection with KAWS will hit Uniqlo stores at the end of April. 

Uniqlo teased five of the 12 T-shirts via Instagram, and they are everything you would expect. KAWS' Companion character is featured prominently on all the designs, and if past prices are any indication, the T-shirts will only run you $20 a piece. Check them out below, and make sure to grab one when they release in April. 

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