Two friends from Idaho have taken the art of manscaping to another level.

Tyler Harding has spent the past seven years transforming his college buddy's embarrassing back hair into some pretty impressive works of art.  

Like many guys, Mike Wolfe's furry body was something that he had been self-conscious about since high school. But, unlike most dudes who would who would just try to shave it off, he decided he wanted to make it into an American flag.

It was in 2008 that he worked up enough courage to present Harding with the strange request to trim his back hair. The first design cleverly titled "Am-hair-ica the beautiful" was done in a makeshift salon in Wolfe's garage. Since then, they have gone on to create a 12-month "Calend-hair," which features a themed back hair portrait for each month like the "Grim Reap-hair" for October and the"M-hairy-achi Band" for May.

"It's disgusting. But it's funny," Wolfe admits to KTVB. "You can't deny it's funny."

Each design only takes Harding, who used to work as a graphic artist, an hour to complete, but it takes Wolfe a whole four months to grow back his hairy canvas.