There's one market that of-the-moment streetwear brands like Palace and Supreme haven't locked down just yet: children. While North West has been seen wearing her own custom-made gear from the two insanely popular companies, it feels as if regular folk like us have nowhere to turn when it comes to outfitting our offspring in the most hyped-up clothing possible. That's were Little Giants|Giant Shorties comes in. 

The Atlanta-based company has been in the game since 2013, after the birth of founder Ivan Rivera's son, Knowledge, turning out pieces for babies that take inspiration from some of the most popular streetwear brands out there. Ivan says the project started out small, first with items only for Knowledge, before people started taking notice. "We made some and as people would see them, they would want them so we decided to get more serious about it and do it for real," he said.

Each piece comes with some childlike wit to differentiate it from the brands they're inspired by. Baby's first BOGO boasts about being born a few months early and has even been turned into a flex-worthy bottle. A Dipset-inspired onesie reps the rap group to the fullest. And Palace's triangle logo is turned into an infant's favorite place, the playpen.  

It doesn't stop at streetwear brands though; Ivan and his team at L.G.G.S. have flipped MF Doom into a shirt with a pacifier over the mouthpiece and even incorporated hometown hero Gucci Mane's legendary ice cream cone face tattoo into designs. 

While the pieces are incredibly clever, there's always the innate worry that the brands may come knocking with a lawsuit. "We pray to the streetwear gods for mercy nightly!" Ivan says. "But in all honesty, we hope that all of the brands we parody and flip know that it's coming from a sense of reverence and admiration and not anything maliciously. We're not trying to do knock-offs, but trying to infuse childlike wit and humor into the designs from the standpoint of young parents of today." 

So far, it's working. Since opening in 2013, L.G.G.S. has turned into the family's sole source of income and business is growing steadily behind a core group of supportive customers. Fortunately, you won't have to line up for these releases. Check out some of L.G.G.S. designs below and if you're expecting, you might want to start copping baby gear from their site ahead of time.