It's no secret that NIGO is an avid toy collector. A few years back, the BAPE founder gave us a look at his extensive collection, which was so large much of it was kept in its own warehouse. His items from Star Wars, a movie he says is one of his biggest inspirations, counted as some of his most coveted pieces.

Now, we have another look at the rare Star Wars collectibles he has picked up over the years, which he is putting up for sale at Sotheby's this month. "The Return of Nigo" auction will include over 600 collectors items like a Luke Skywalker action figure, a signed Darth Vader helmut, a replica lightsaber, and even a Han Solo blaster. He also included two “Power of the Force” coin sets which are expecting to go for $25,000-$35,000 alone.

You can check out all the items for grab here. If you happen to have some extra cash hanging around, you can start bidding on Dec. 11.





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