We thought this day would never come.

After five years of business, online retailer Everlane has decided to host its first-ever sale. And it’s allowing customers to choose how much they pay.

That’s right: The event, which kicked off this weekend, will offer select pieces with three different price points. Each option will come with an explanation of what that price will actually cover. For example, a quilted peacoat that was originally $235 will be available at $118, $141, or $212. The first option will only cover the cost of production and shipping; the second will cover production, shipping, and overhead; and the last option will cover all of the above as well as allow Everlane to invest in growth.

Image via Everlane


You see, in an effort to retain transparency and promote sustainable production, the online retailer has made it a point to reject the pressures of consumerism. The reason Everlane has never offered any kind of discounts is because it simply doesn’t factor them into the prices. Everlane able to avoid big markups by remaining exclusively online and creating its own merchandise; however, this season, it has decided to get rid of its overstock with a method that forces shoppers to recognize where their money is actually going.

Will they choose the lowest price option to benefit themselves? Or will they choose the highest price point to shop in good conscience?

The sale is going on now and will conclude this Wednesday. What option will you pick?