Kim Jong-un takes his country’s hair very seriously.

Back in 2014, we heard several reports about a North Korea law that required all men to rock the same god-awful haircut as their supreme leader. Though reputable news outlets insisted the reports were highly unlikely, several North Koreans have now come forth to confirm the bizarre rumors. And it seems the mandate is much stricter than we initially thought.

According to South Korea's Chosun Ilbo newspaper, sources in Pyongyang claim that authorities have, in fact, issued an order for all men to sport a similar hairstyle as Kim Jong-un, and that no man will be allowed to have hair longer than 2 cm.

“University student monitors are walking around with scissors and cutting off the hair of offenders," sources told the publication.

Kim Jong-un doesn't kid around.

The style, known as “ambitious” in North Korea, propelled the dictator into meme infamy. It even made the list of “most-searched celebrity hairstyles” in 2014, likely because of how ridiculous it looks: a close shave around the ears and back of the head, topped off with fluffy mountain of hair.

"Since last year, North Koreans have been ordered to crack down on capitalist ideology and culture," a think-tank researcher told Chosun Ilbo. "The crackdown on long hair seems aimed at getting young people in shape for the seventh general assembly of the Workers Party."

So, are the reports true this time? We'll probably never know.