'Tis the season for year-end reviews, and here to breakdown the top web searches of 2014 is Yahoo.

Through website activity analysis, the company compiled several categorized lists that reflected the hot trends and top stories of the year. Everything from denim brands and handbags to luxury labels and drugstores were given attention, but the most entertaining list has to be the top-searched celebrity hairstyles.

Predictable figures like David Beckham (No. 1), Jessica Alba (No. 5), and Taylor Swift (No. 7) all nabbed a placement, but the most LOL-inducing position went to No. 9: the “Chinese smuggler haircut” donned by Kim Jong-un.

That’s right, that hideous side-shave bowl cut, which is mandatory in North Korea, was so popular on the web in 2014 that it beat out Kaley Cuoco’s locks, which came in tenth place.

To see the full list of top-searched celebrity hairstyles, as well as the other aforementioned categories, go to Yahoo.com's Year In Review page.