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Hood By Air’s Shayne Oliver is a Cookie Lyon stan. So much so, that he decided to use the voice of Empire’s leading lady, played by Taraji P. Henson, during the label’s Fall 2015 presentation earlier this year.

“Cookie’s a boss, doesn’t take shit, doesn’t comply with any sort of male rules,” the HBA creative director told Vogue. “To use the vocals in the show, it just gave off good energy. It means you’re here to rip heads off. Cookie’s the first thing out here in a while that feels punk.”

Clearly, the character is also a source of inspiration for Oliver, so you can imagine his excitement when he was when was asked to create the first line of official merchandise for the hit TV show.

According to Vogue, the collaborative capsule is comprised of signature HBA pieces with Empire references. Hoodies, T-shirts, shorts, and leotards are emblazoned with characters’ faces as well as Empire-esque newspaper headlines. There are also a few accessories in the mix, including a champagne flute and a keychain inspired by the pillow Cookie tried to kill Lucious with.

You can check out the range in the images below. The HBA x Empire collection will drop tomorrow at HBA’s online store