Summer is over. Flings are becoming baes and boo thangs. Netflix and chill season is in full effect. You don't have time to rabble-rouse anymore because it's getting darker faster and much, much colder, so your time spent with a significant other needs to be calculated. It needs to be precise because, while you don't know when it might happen, you do know you need to be prepared. Sure, you got a dope outfit in and you can spit game, but if your grooming habits are weak, your odds of being called up to the Big Leagues drops dramatically. There are some things you do, or don't do, that can play a key role in your dating life going into the dark and dreary times we call "Winter." It could make or break it, actually. Don't take it from me. Take it from 9 smart, savvy and sexy women who know a thing or two about what they like and don't like about men and their grooming habits.