I latched onto these Neil Barrett joints (available in all of the monochromatic colorways) a couple of months back whilst capriciously trawling through the Instagram feed of a struggle Spanish menswear brand. Their garb was trash, but one thing which struck me was the number of comments calling for an ID on these sneakers which were worn in practically every product photo.

We're all feeling the warmth of that very rare, very luxe leather upper. And while the shaping of the panels is mad alien, that oh so familiar AF1-inspired perforation on the toe box brings things squarely back into the comfort zone. The sole is sick too. It's almost FBT-esque in proportion and the deep cut nooks plus the wavy lines of that plastic chunk injected into the heel make for a more futuristic overall vibe. In summation, these are fire Skechers Shape Ups.

Moksha August is a serial Four Pins commenter turned occasional writer. You can follow him on Twitter here.