Whether they love it or they hate it, people have been talking about the man bun. So, it is no surprise that Google's annual beauty report found that the number of searches for "man buns" skyrocketed in 2015, making it one of the most searched terms.

It also found that for the first time ever men's hair was more searched than women's.

But, as the search engine reveals, dude's really don't know what they're doing when it comes to trendy hairstyles. "How to grow a man bun" and "how to tie a man bun" are the most common questions about the style. The report also shares that guys are turning to YouTube for tutorials and reviews to educate themselves. 

Another popular search term for guy's hair was "comb-over," which could be related to Donald Trump's mystifying hairdo, but most likely it is the fact that guys like Don Draper have made the cut super popular again. Either way, it looks like these hairstyles aren't going away anytime soon.