Eytys has perfected its classic sneaker silhouettes, thus making them an ideal canvas for the brand to release kicks printed with political messages among its minimalist offerings. In the past, Eytys released a collection that called attention to the troubles in Europe. Now, the Sweden-based kicks company is unveiling its Peshawar collection, which features designs influenced by Afghan war rugs. 

The collection is inspired by the rugs created by women in the Peshawar area of Pakistan. The tradition of the war rugs began centuries ago in Afghanistan and was brought to Pakistan after the former's citizens were forced to flee due to warfare with the Russians in the late '70s.

The women include in the ornate rugs objects that have sadly become normal to them: armored trucks, tanks, and planes. Eytys took these designs and printed them on their classic Mother (low top) and Odyssey (high top) style for shoes that pack a meaningful punch. 

You can shop the collection on Eytys' website now. You can also see an example of an Afghan war rug below. 

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