Eytys continues to drop some low-key heat for Spring, and they're kicking things up a notch with a politically charged collaboration featuring Ukrainian graffiti artist Sasha Kurmaz.

Born in Kiev in 1986, Kurmaz has literally seen it all. From the aftermath of Chernobyl to the political discourse of today, Kurmaz has found reprieve in his provocative art. In protest of the troubles in Europe, Kurmaz decked out the Mother and Odyssey models with bold, politically charged statements. "Racism is the culture of the idiots" and "enjoy without chains" are just a few of the sentiments echoed in the graffiti printed on the sneakers. 

In addition to the collaboration, Eytys also has a crop of of two-tone suede colorways dropping with its Spring line. All are are available now from Eytys.

Image via EytysImage via EytysImage via EytysImage via EytysImage via EytysImage via Eytys

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