Two days ago Apple debuted all sorts of updates and brand new goodies for the #AppleHive to enjoy during a livestreamed keynote event. Among the new developments were the iPhone 6S, the iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil, and a few updates to the Apple Watch—including an instantly enviable Hermés collaboration.

What got a lot of people talking, however, was a brand new color iPhone 6S and Apple Watch, a dusty, pinkish hue that Apple dubbed "rose gold." Many fell for the color at first sight:

Meanwhile, a whole other faction thought that "Rose Gold" was a misnomer, thinking the color was clearly pink:

And no pink accessory would be legit unless someone references Cam'ron:

Mashable feels strongly about this one, writer Christina Warren makes a case for why Apple's "rose gold" is really just "pink." Of course, it's important to not get the new rose gold Apple Watch Sport confused with the rose gold Apple Watch Edition, because the difference will literally cost you:

Apple Watch Edition: $12,000
Apple Watch Sport: $399


We were fortunate enough to get our hands on the rose gold Apple Watch Sport. Check it out in full glory:

To get to the bottom of this #teamrosegold versus #teampink controversy, we asked various Complex staffers what they thought of the watch, and if the color is something they'd personally rock. Peep their answers below:

"This is definitely rose gold. There's no such thing as pink gold. Do kids wanna call this mauve?" — Matthew Henson, fashion editor 

"It's hard to tell. I would almost say pinkish bronze?" — Saidah Petrie, operations manager

"They shouldn't call it rose gold, they should call it rosé." — Gina Battle, photo director

"It's rose gold—with a hint of pink?” — Karizza Sanchez, news editor

"It's rosé. It's too off-brand of my color scheme, but I appreciate it." — Frazier Tharpe, staff writer 

"It's rose gold. It's sexy. I'd wear it. Wouldn't you?" — Donnie Kwak, deputy lifestyle editor

"Um... This is rose gold. I'm not a fan of the rose gold." — Julian Patterson, social media manager

"It's pink! It's metallic pink." — Emily Oberg, editorial producer

"It's pink. Are people saying its bronze?"  [People are saying it's rose gold.] "This is not rose gold—I've seen rose gold. I have a friend with a rose gold wedding band." — Ross Scarano, deputy editor, video news

"It's a pinkish gray." — Jonathan Fouabi, graphic designer

"[Apple] calls it 'rose gold,' but it's very clearly pink." — Danny Scanzoni, graphic designer

“It’s pink. Would I wear it? Sure, yeah.” — Gus Turner, managing editor

“It’s candy apple taupe. I don’t see the point of wearing an Apple Watch, but it looks dope. Cam would wear it— it could pass as pink.” — Angel Diaz, staff writer

“It looks like trill Pepto Bismol.” — James Harris, senior editor

There you have it. While the Complex staff remains divided between rose gold and pink, it's evident that regardless of what you call the color, it's got a lot of fans.