The Style Wins and Fails at the 2015 MTV VMAs

The MTV VMAs are anything but boring when it comes to style.


The MTV VMAs are anything but dull when it comes to celebrity style. The iconic on-stage moments aside, plenty of stars have lent their likenesses to the show's storied style history—which features such highlights as Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's literal take on double denim, and Lil Wayne's sagging leopard jeggings

With Miley Cyrus hosting tonight's ceremonies, you can bet "crazy" is going to be the starting line when it comes to the looks seen on the red carpet. That's not to say that you should expect a lack of great outfits. As last year's ceremony proved, there's bound to be some style that's sure to catch your eye—in a good way, of course. Besides, with Kanye receiving his prestigious "Video Vanguard" award, you can expect that one of the ceremony's most iconic guests is sure to impress.

Leave your expectations (and your taste level) at the door, these are The Style Wins and Fails at the 2015 MTV VMAs.

Win: Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz

Win: A$AP Rocky

Fail: Nick Jonas

Win: Jeremy Scott

Win: The Weeknd

Fail: Billy Ray Cyrus

Win: Miguel

Fail: John Legend

Win: Pharrell

Fail: Tyga

Win: Vic Mensa

Fail: Charlamagne Tha God

Win: Justin Bieber

Win: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Bonus Win: Taylor Swift and the “Bad Blood” Crew

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