The VMA's aren't just an awards show, they're a pop culture event. But while we spend our time focusing on the Kanye West "Imma let you finish" moments, sometimes we forget who's really taking home the iconic "Moonman" statue. This year, that's even more important, with the hardware receiving a new coat of paint courtesy of Moschino creative director and pop culture fanatic Jeremy Scott. 

While this isn't the first time the Moonman has undergone a face lift—shouts to the KAWS overhaul back in 2013—Scott's unique iteration naturally adds a punch of color (or should we say, colors) to the traditionally monochromatic award. Done up to replicate SMPTE test bars, both the flag and body of the statue utilize the iconic rainbow color spread. Oh, and in case you forgot that Jeremy Scott was redesigning the statue, he included a giant peace sign necklace, and his signature winged sneakers (moon boots, in this case).

No matter how you feel about the revamp, at least they can use the award when Nicki Minaj destroys the VMAs on August 30.