I don't know about you guys, but I never noticed that Larose Paris has never made a black hat. I guess I just really do'’t pay attention to detail as much as I'd like to believe I do even when I'm covering products for this very site. It's like this one time I went on a date with this girl and things were going well and then we went to one of my favorite Chinese restaurants and she was like, "Ugh, I hate when people talk Asian around me. It makes me so uncomfortable. Like, just talk about me in English, you know?" GUYS, I HAD INADVERTENTLY SPENT SEVERAL HOURS OF MY LIFE WITH A COMELY RACIST. When I recounted the story to my friends they were like, "Yeah duh, how did you not notice she only has white friends and you said yourself how she mentioned she wasn't into hip-hop, but listens to Eminem when she works out? The signs were all there, man." Pay attention, guys. One day it's not noticing Larose Paris has never made a black hat before this, their new Larose Noir collection, the next day you're buying a beautiful racist almond chicken.