If you're still unfamiliar with Gigi Hadid, it's about time for you to catch up. The model has been tapped to cover W's September issue, with the premise that it is probably impossible to not know of Hadid, "the world's most connected supermodel," Refinery29 reports

Hadid stars on the cover and spread shot by legendary fashion photographer Steven Meisel. In Hadid's cover story, argues that the model is part of a new generation of "Post It Girls," a different breed from the models who dominated covers in previous decades. "Unlike anonymous models of the recent past, Hadid, 20, is a personality and not just a photogenic mannequin,” Lynn Hirschberg, W’s editor at large, writes. "With their potent combination of family lineage, social-media influence, and sex appeal, Hadid and her fellow new-generation models — Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner — should be called the Post It Girls: They are instant celebrities who built their fame online." 

The magazine fleshes this out by showing a web, below, of all the people Hadid is somehow connected to. The impressive list includes the obvious Kardashian and Jenner clan as well as Bill and Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, Cher, and Whitney Houston.

Read more about the spread featuring Hadid here. Look for the issues to hit newstsands Aug. 18.

Image via 'W'