Heym did you guys know that the newest trend sweeping though cool teen land is shaving "slits" into your eyebrows? Thank god we have BuzzFeed on all the hottest trends. Except there's a few problems. For starters, they aren't called "slits." I always thought they were called "cuts." And like me, all BuzzFeed had to do was ask one of their black friends and they would've probably found that out in 5 seconds. Also, like, thirty years ago. Oh and before I forget, GOOGLE.

This isn't a new trend at all. BuzzFeed's pic of our lord and savior, Soulja Boy, is from roughly a millennium ago. And while nomenclature isn't the worst offense of this "trend piece" on eyebrow cuts, it highlights how if non-black people don't take the actual time to figure out what a trend actually is, they run the risk of looking like they are wholesale trying to jack the trend and act as if they're the ones who discovered it. In fucking fact, white people already been had stealing this trend. Am I the only one who remembers Vanilla Ice? For our younger readers, he was like the original Macklemore.

BuzzFeed already got deservedly fucking roasted by The Root, so I won't repeat a lot of the salient burns. I'm just worried that in 5 months or so, white people are gonna be like, "CHECK OUT THIS HOT NEW TREND! SAND DUNES IN YOUR HAIR!" followed by twelve photos of white people trying to get 360 waves.

[Photo via Chloe Nørgaard/Instagram]